This CELTA notebook provides templates for all the essential parts of the CELTA course, including space for notes: on reading before your course from input sessions on your CELTA course to prepare for your assignments lesson plan ideas reflections on your teaching practice diary entries to help you reflect and complete your final assignment I […]

Should I read books before starting the CELTA course or wait until I start?

Transcript: Hello again everyone. Steve here from and this time I’ve got another question from a prospective CELTA student. So over on Facebook Amrit asked me the following “Plenty of books are recommended for the CELTA course. I have got three of them which were recommended on their website. Now the question is: Do […]

CELTA Recommended Books: My Top 5 to Get You Through Your Course!

To keep this post clear and simple, I have mentioned the best books to prepare for the CELTA course in the following order: The number 1 book to read before your CELTA course for an overview The books I use most often Other books you will likely see or hear about (but I don’t often […]

[VIDEO] CELTA Preparation Tips If You Have No Teaching Experience

CELTA preparation tips for people who do not have teaching experience is perhaps a little tricky as they don’t really know what they are up against. In this video, I go through 4 things you can do without spending any money to get yourself reading for the course, even if you have never been a […]