[VIDEO] The ONE Thing You Must Do BEFORE Starting Your CELTA

There is ONE thing that I strongly recommend that you do before you start your CELTA! It is still amazing for me to have this kind of question so many times from so many people about the CELTA course. If you do this one thing, you will certainly know whether the CELTA course is right […]

[VIDEO] CCQs, ICQs, the Perfect CELTA Lesson, Learning the Phonemic Chart

CCQS and ICQs on a CELTA course can be a little bit confusing, but they’re very straightforward once you get the hang of it. So, I explain both concept checking questions and instruction checking questions for your CELTA course in this video. I also answer a question about what makes the perfect lesson and is […]

[VIDEO] CELTA Preparation Tips If You Have No Teaching Experience

CELTA preparation tips for people who do not have teaching experience is perhaps a little tricky as they don’t really know what they are up against. In this video, I go through 4 things you can do without spending any money to get yourself reading for the course, even if you have never been a […]

[VIDEO] CELTA Tutor & Author Emma Jones on the Course, Tips & Resources

Hey again! CELTA tutor Emma Jones sat down with me recently via Skype to talk all about the CELTA course and give valuable advice and tips for anyone thinking of taking it. I asked her about her experience of the CELTA course as a student. I also wanted to know what she would do differently […]

One CELTA Graduate’s Experience: Insights from Jim

Hey again everyone! This time I have some really interesting insights from a recent CELTA graduate, Jim.

After a brief email exchange, I asked Jim if I could post his message on the blog for all to share and he kindly agreed.

Inside, you will see his insights into the CELTA course and get some useful tips. Enjoy!

Lessons from the Classroom: CELTA Assignment

The Lessons from the Classroom CELTA assignment is slightly more accessible than other assignments on the course, but it still deserves your full attention to complete it to a high level. It is also an extremely beneficial experience as it engages you in a form of reflective practice. This is not only helpful for your […]