How to Write CELTA Assignments: Easy Guide

 Learning How to Write CELTA Assignments Hello once more! The latest question is from a reader who hasn’t studied in a long time and she’s worried about how to write CELTA assignments. The main points to think about here are: the instructions for the assignments the writing style for these how to cover all of the […]

CELTA Jobs for Non-Native Speakers

CELTA Jobs for Non-Native Speakers This is Steve once more from, with another very common question. I keep getting asked this by so many people so I thought I’d address it on here and it goes something like this. What are the job prospects for non-native speakers with a CELTA certificate? There are several […]

CELTA Lesson Plans – How to Prepare Them Before you Start

Transcript: CELTA Lesson Plans – How to Prepare Them BEFORE you Start Hello again, once more everybody. It’s Steve again from, and I’ve got another question to answer, so let’s get right to it. Actually, this one was slightly different to the usual format in that I put out a tweet, and somebody asked […]

CELTA Course: Tech Tips and Tricks for Lessons and Assignments

Transcript: CELTA Course Tech Tips & Tricks Hello, once more. This is Steve again from and I’ve got a question this time from Mary. Let’s listen to what Mary asked. Hi, Steve. It’s Mary here. I’d like to ask you a question about the tech tricks that you used when you were doing the […]

CELTA Course Preparation: How to prepare for the CELTA course?

Transcript – CELTA Course Preparation Tips: Hello once more, guys. I’ve got another question for you this week from Amina and she said: Hello, Stephen. I’m currently preparing for you CELTA course and I am lost. I feel like I’m not organised in my preparation at all. If you have any tips on how to […]

10 Ways to Save Time On Your CELTA Assignments

Often I hear CELTA students complain that they are completely stressed over the amount of time it takes to write a CELTA assignment, and that it comes at the worst time of the course. For this reason, I have decided to share with you some ways to save time on your CELTA assignments so that […]