CELTA Tips from a CELTA Trainer: Video Interview with Tami from Chester School of English

Hey there once again! This time, I tried something new to bring you yet more practical and helpful tips, but in a new format that I haven’t used before: the video interview! Through the interview with Tami, a CELTA trainer based in Madrid, Spain, you can find answers to many of the most common CELTA […]

Focus on the Learner Assignment: Detailed Guide with Real Examples

Hi there! In this post, let’s go through the ‘Focus on the Learner’ CELTA Assignment. I’ve had many questions about this, from people who are preparing for their CELTA or for those who are battling their way through the first few weeks. Fear not – help is at hand! First, here’s a brief outline of […]

CELTA for Experienced Teachers – How Easy is it and Is it Worth It For You?

Hey once again! In this post, I want to run through the key points and considerations about the CELTA for experienced teachers. Now, I can say that this post is especially for those who are not sure about doing the CELTA course, or whether it is for them. For this reason, in this post I […]

CELTA Part-Time Course – Quick Tips Before You Start

This time, I wanted to share some tips about the CELTA part-time course because it seems to be growing in popularity as more and more people know about the option. Obviously, all CELTAs are difficult but the part-time course has, understandably a different feel compared to the full-time course. For this reason, there are many […]

How to get a CELTA Pass A Grade?

Transcript: CELTA Pass A – How to Get the Top Grade Hey, there once more. It’s Steve here from celtahelper.com, and I’m back answering yet another question from CELTA students. Now actually, this question I was asked by a couple of people, and they both wanted to know: “What do you have to do to […]

CELTA Course Preparation: How to prepare for the CELTA course?

Transcript – CELTA Course Preparation Tips: Hello once more, guys. I’ve got another question for you this week from Amina and she said: Hello, Stephen. I’m currently preparing for you CELTA course and I am lost. I feel like I’m not organised in my preparation at all. If you have any tips on how to […]