How to improve my knowledge of verb tenses before starting my CELTA course?

Heba asked me about how to improve her knowledge of verb tenses before starting her CELTA course. Here’s my answer: My 3 main recommendations mentioned above are as follows:

CELTA Course Assignments: Step-by-step Guide with Real Examples

CELTA course assignments are a mystery for many people. Everyone who applies for a CELTA course has heard about them, but not many know what to expect. In fact, I see many people online posting for help with them as they feel there is not enough time to do them properly and they are often confused […]

CELTA Course for Non-native Speakers: Can you pass?

CELTA Course for Non-native Speakers: What to expect? First things first: expect a lot of work! Why do I say that? Because the CELTA course is one of the most intensive and demanding courses you will probably ever do. It certainly was the most challenging course I’ve done, and I am a native English speaker! On […]

CELTA Course Pre-interview Task: Examples with PDF Downloads

The CELTA pre-interview task has quite a reputation among students given that it forms a crucial part of the entry onto any CELTA course. You will have to complete it wherever you take the CELTA so it’s best to know exactly what you you will need to do in advance to give yourself the best […]

5 of the Best CELTA Books to Prepare: Recommendations from Experience

To keep this post clear and simple, I have mentioned the best books to prepare for the CELTA course in the following order: The number 1 book to read before your CELTA course for an overview The books I use most often Other books you will likely see or hear about (but I don’t often […]

What Level of English Do You Need to Do a CELTA course?

As a non-native English speaker, you may be wondering if your English is good enough to do a CELTA course. Maybe you’ve been told that ESL teachers need to have a perfect level of English or a native-sounding accent, but is any of that really true? Let’s find out. So, what level of English do […]