Lessons from the Classroom: CELTA Assignment

The Lessons from the Classroom CELTA assignment is slightly more accessible than other assignments on the course, but it still deserves your full attention to complete it to a high level. It is also an extremely beneficial experience as it engages you in a form of reflective practice. This is not only helpful for your […]

CELTA Assignment 2: Language Related Tasks – Clear Guide

Introduction This post intends to give an overview of CELTA assignment 2 and what is expected. It uses a generic example to work through answers so please be aware that not all centres would give exactly the same question but there should be many similarities. Included in this post are the following points with comments […]

Focus on the Learner Assignment (1): Detailed Guide with Real Examples

Hi there! In this post, let’s go through the ‘Focus on the Learner’ CELTA Assignment. I’ve had many questions about this, from people who are preparing for their CELTA or for those who are battling their way through the first few weeks. Fear not – help is at hand! First, here’s a brief outline of […]

How to Write CELTA Assignments: Easy Guide

 Learning How to Write CELTA Assignments Hello once more! The latest question is from a reader who hasn’t studied in a long time and she’s worried about how to write CELTA assignments. The main points to think about here are: the instructions for the assignments the writing style for these how to cover all of the […]

CELTA Course: Tech Tips and Tricks for Lessons and Assignments

Transcript: CELTA Course Tech Tips & Tricks Hello, once more. This is Steve again from celtahelper.com and I’ve got a question this time from Mary. Let’s listen to what Mary asked. Hi, Steve. It’s Mary here. I’d like to ask you a question about the tech tricks that you used when you were doing the […]