CELTA Graduate Stories: Nino from Georgia

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and any relevant background info My name is Nino. I am from the country of Georgia. I teach English at Tbilisi State University. 2. What motivated you to take the CELTA course? It is a highly demanded qualification everywhere and in my country, too. If you look […]

CELTA Stress: 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout on Your Course

CELTA stress is real and happens to most students on the course in one way or another. It is something I felt and I hear people talk about time and time again. In fact, if I say ‘CELTA’, ‘stress’ or ‘stressful’ are usually the 2 words which come after it in many people’s minds! Now, […]

What was the most difficult part of the CELTA course for you?

TRANSCRIPT: What was the most difficult part of the CELTA course for you?: “Hello again guys, this is Steve from celtahelper.com, and I’m back again today answering another question from a CELTA Course student. And this time, the question comes from David, who asked me,

Real CELTA Course Experiences: Prasanna from India

Many people ask me about my CELTA course experience, which was a very positive one but it was a long time ago (2007!). With this in mind, I asked Prasanna from India about his CELTA course experience as a non-native speaker who has just finished the course. Here’s what he had to say: Steve: Hi […]

CELTA Course for Non-native Speakers: Can you pass?

CELTA Course for Non-native Speakers: What to expect? First things first: expect a lot of work! Why do I say that? Because the CELTA course is one of the most intensive and demanding courses you will probably ever do. It certainly was the most challenging course I’ve done, and I am a native English speaker! On […]


Hey there! My name is Stephen Beale. I started CELTA Helper because I am passionate about helping new and aspiring English language teachers start a career or simply improve on their current prospects by preparing and succeeding on their CELTA course. I should say before I go on that I am not a CELTA trainer/tutor. […]