How to Quickly & Easily Find Real CELTA Course Reviews

Helpful Ways of Determining CELTA Course Reviews

Hey, guys. Another quick video here. This time a student just asked me or someone who wants to do the CELTA just asked me about, for example, studying with the International House in London:

Do I know if it’s any good?

Now first and foremost, I’ve never been there. I never worked there. I never studied there, so I don’t know and I don’t know anyone who has, but the quickest way if you want to have an honest idea of CELTA courses is obviously as you can, we’re starting Google. So let’s go IH London CELTA reviews. There can be a lot of problems with this. Wait. Before I do that, instead, let’s just pull it back and let’s see IH London reviews in general.

Now the thing here is if you come over to the side, you got the Google review. If you click here on the number of reviews, it brings them up. Now there’s something to note here:

That’s IH London is a language school. A CELTA course is one of the things they do. But it’s not the only thing.

Common CELTA Course Reviews

You can see here, the first thing that stands out is CELTA. Okay, but the next one, an Arabic course. Oh no. The person who did the Arabic course said one star. The person who’s done the CELTA course, they’ve given five stars.

So we can’t take the average because it’s for the whole school. If we do, press Control and F in your browser with Find and then type in CELTA. It doesn’t matter lower case, upper case, capitals, whatever, and you’ll see it’s highlighted here. It’ll tell me it’s found it three times and I can press the down arrow to go to the next or I can press Enter. Now it’s only showing up with those two.

If you scroll down, however, you see it loads more. Okay? There’s only 44 reviews, so if I scroll all the way down, I can load them. If I press that again, the reviews will be visible. For example,

Mark C. Pendred: “Very good CELTA training course.” This looks good. Isabel Wood, we had that one, didn’t we? Shoaib Ahmed: “The CELTA course is excellent.”

So very positive reviews on Google, which is a good open place to look.

Another Source for CELTA Course Reviews

If I close that, then another good place that is nice to use is Facebook. The reason why I say Facebook is because if you find the reviews from people, you can actually contact them directly. They’ve got 399 reviews at the moment, so there’s quite a lot. Again, we’ve got the same issue.

Not all the reviews are for the CELTA course, of course. If we scroll down, let’s press the See All. We’ll do the same thing. Does it show me all of them? No, Facebook. You see, it just loads. So if I keep scrolling to the bottom and load up quite a few, see it keeps going down and down.

So it keeps adding, so what we can do then is then just flick through all the CELTA reviews. Sorry. I’m focusing a little bit too much on this. Okay, maybe that’s enough. Now if I do the Control and F and the CELTA is still there, so the first on, Ivanna Cholo:

“My CELTA course is coming to an end and I must say I enjoyed every bit. The tutors are fantastic. The programme is very useful.” Okay, sounds good. “Special thanks to Rena Basak.”

Really nice. Sounds very positive. Next one down, Muhammad Alsayed:

“I was really lucky to study the CELTA with great teachers, Michael Turner, Jess Alan, and Jonathan Spalton.”

More CELTA Course Reviews to Check

They’ve mentioned all these people by name, so they clearly have a good connection with them. Then let’s see.

“Completed a CELTA here last year and was very impressed. About to return for a Spanish evening class.”

This has 5 stars from Jo Kirk.

So we’ve got all the CELTA graduates who are on here. They’ve given five stars and if you wanted to contact them on Facebook, you could hover over and press Message or you could try adding a friend, obviously. But the nice thing about the Facebook is the Facebook reviews, you can get to them straight away. So hope that was useful.

There are loads of other reviews online. Reddit is quite good, but it does mean you have to read a lot. Yeah, just have a look around. Take it with a pinch of salt because sometimes people get angry if they fail or don’t do too well. Sometimes they’re just genuine, bad places to study or bad experiences. So it’s the same thing with reviews.

I hope that was useful and leave me any questions in the comments below.

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