[VIDEO] The ONE Thing You Must Do BEFORE Starting Your CELTA

There is ONE thing that I strongly recommend that you do before you start your CELTA!

It is still amazing for me to have this kind of question so many times from so many people about the CELTA course. If you do this one thing, you will certainly know whether the CELTA course is right for you or not and your own individual circumstances.

When you hear what I say this one thing is you might be amazed at how simple it is, but you might also be someone who has not actually thought about doing this before starting a CELTA the course!

Remember, the CELTA course is a huge investment of your time energy and money, which is why doing this one thing before your CELTA is so important!

one thing before your celta

If you know someone who is thinking of taking a CELTA course and you think they might not have done the appropriate research, then please share the video in this post with them because you will be doing them a favour!

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VIDEO: One Thing Before Your CELTA

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Now remember to do this one thing before your CELTA, or tell someone who you think needs to hear it!

If you do not do appropriate research before you take the course, you run the risk of not getting anything valuable out of it in terms of what you want for your own situation and professional development. Now, there’s much more in the video about exactly what I mean but please remember that everybody’s situation is different so you should not just listen to people around you before you take the course. Even more, do not just listen to people who are trying to sell you courses!

They have a vested interest and they are not thinking about your future prospects, but rather their own. Before you take a CELTA course, you owe it to yourself to be diligent and do what I suggest in the video below.

I hope you found it useful and I look forward to talking to you in another upcoming video or on the blog!


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