Online CELTA Course Experience: An Interview with Andrew Cown

Online celta course experience an interview with Andrew Cown

1. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’m a teacher at a private junior/senior high school in Japan. My current position is head of Cambridge English programme and the Extensive Reading programme.

2. What got you interested in taking a CELTA course?

An acquaintance is the local Cambridge centre owner and he encouraged me to be a part of the pilot programme here.

3. You mentioned you took the online CELTA course. Why did you decide to take this and how was it?

This was the only possible way for me to do it whilst working full time and raising a family. The other option was to travel every weekend and this wasn’t practical.

4. Was there anything about the online CELTA course that you felt was lacking compared to the standard face-to-face CELTA?

I don’t have any point of reference so can’t really comment on any differences. The Skype sessions with London were fine so we didn’t feel like we were lacking anything.

5. When you had to attend the observed teaching practice sessions, how long were the sessions and how was the schedule?

I think we did 6 x 40min [sessions] and 2 x 60mins. The schedule was pretty hectic and most teaching nights finished around 9:30pm.

6. What are your plans for the future with your CELTA certificate or career?

Currently, I am doing the Cambridge Train the Trainer course (Editor’s note: see below for more on this). I will perhaps start a Japanese teaching license next year or continue with masters TESOL.

Thanks for your time, Andrew!

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