How To Manage Timing In A CELTA Course Lesson Plan?

Transcript: Hello guys, this is Steve here from and I’m back again answering more of your questions about the CELTA course. This time, I had a question from Selda who asked me the following, she said, “I’m doing great lesson plans but the problem is, I can’t manage everything on time, I can’t cover […]

What was the most difficult part of the CELTA course for you?

TRANSCRIPT: What was the most difficult part of the CELTA course for you?: “Hello again guys, this is Steve from, and I’m back again today answering another question from a CELTA Course student. And this time, the question comes from David, who asked me,

CELTA Anticipated Problems: How to find problem words quickly and easily

One issue with using texts and other sources in a CELTA lesson, or an EFL lesson for that matter, is finding problems for learners in advance. Throughout your CELTA, ‘Anticipated Problems’ will be a familiar phrase for you. This phrase shows up in lesson plans and is part of what your CELTA course is all […]

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Start Your CELTA Course

Before starting, we all have a lot of CELTA course questions we want answered. The problem is, however, that asking someone all of them might take a very long time! Added to this is the fact that each CELTA centre has slightly different timetables and course structures. For this reason, I have made the list below […]

CELTA Course Assignments: Step-by-step Guide with Real Examples

CELTA course assignments are a mystery for many people. Everyone who applies for a CELTA course has heard about them, but not many know what to expect. In fact, I see many people online posting for help with them as they feel there is not enough time to do them properly and they are often confused […]

Best CELTA Course For You: A Step-by-step Guide to Help You Choose

Where is the best CELTA course for YOU? Trying to find the best CELTA course for your needs can be quite hard. This is because there is a lot of information online about CELTA course centres, but there are not many reviews. Equally, there are many centres with different pricing, dates and course types (full-time, part-time or […]