[VIDEO] CELTA Tutor & Author Emma Jones on the Course, Tips & Resources

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Hey again!

CELTA tutor Emma Jones sat down with me recently via Skype to talk all about the CELTA course and give valuable advice and tips for anyone thinking of taking it.

I asked her about her experience of the CELTA course as a student.

I also wanted to know what she would do differently if she could take the course again (find out below!)

Emma also gave some of her recommended resources for students looking to take the course in the coming weeks or months.

Without further ado, check out the video with CELTA tutor and author Emma Jones below!

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All relevant points covered in the video can be found in the links below.

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Links Mentioned in the Video with CELTA Tutor & Author Emma Jones:

👉 👉The Ultimate Guide to the CELTA (2nd ed.) (Amazon UK Affiliate link)
Kindle version

👉👉Get Your FREE Course Preparation E-book from CELTA Helper: https://bit.ly/celtaprep

👉👉 The Ultimate Guide to the CELTA Blog: https://theultimateguidetocelta.wordpress.com/

👉👉 Elastic bands for your lessons (Amazon UK Affiliate Link)

👉👉 Magnets for your lessons (Amazon UK)

📚 Recommended books for your course 📚:

📖 Teaching English Grammar by Jim Scrivener (Amazon UK Affiliate Link): 📖

📖 Raymond Murphy English Grammar in Use (Amazon UK Affiliate Link) 📖

📖 Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (Amazon UK affiliate link) 📖

📖 Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener (Amazon UK Affiliate Link)📖

📖 Reward Resource Pack (Different levels available; Amazon UK Affiliate Link) 📖

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